Name: Tubular Laboratory Sterilizer

Details & Specification

Pasteurization: 30~100 L/h L/h 5℃-10℃→65℃(Homogeneous)→85~95℃ 15s→5-43℃
High temperature instant: 100 L/h 5℃-10℃→65℃(Homogeneous)→120℃ 15s→5℃
Ultra High Temperature(UHT): 30~50L/h 5℃-10℃→65℃(Homogeneous)→140℃ 4s→25℃:

Adjustable flux:

  1. Homogenizer in the series. Homogenizer adjusts the flux by frequency conversation: half or full quatity (stepless speed regulating)
  2. In the homogenizer without series, the flux is contrlooed by adjusting the diaphragm valve.

Adjustable temperature: The input temperature was set by PLC, temperature: 63-140℃
Fit for: Pulp, soy sauce and many kinds of liquid material including suspended particles.
Test with samll quantity: Meeting with the lowest quantity for testing, 3-5L, it can save the testing cost with maxium limit.
Working condition: The equipment power is 8kw, no extra power requirement.
Standard: Homogenicer: flux: 120L/h, pressure: 60MPa
Refrigerator set, capacity: 3000kq
Selected: Yoghurt fermentation tank aseptic filling operating console

NHSY-2 Type

Tubular Laboratory Sterilizer: capacity 200~500L/h, it can satisfy with experiment and pilotscale.

Type and specification Capacity Ice water consumption Power Outline dimension Weight
(t/h) (kcal/h) (kw) (l×w×h) (kg)
NHSY-1 30-100 2,000 20 1500×900×1600 250
NHSY-2 200-500 5,000 20 2300×1000×1600 350
BR0.5-UHT-0.5J 200-500 5,000 20 1500×1200×1600 460
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