Details & Specification

Plate heat exchanger (UHT) can be applied in milk and juice beverage. It can be connected with aseptic filling machine. The product shelf life can reach upto3~6months. It can be connected with centrifuge, degasser and flash evaporator. The capacity can be controlled by flow controller, and also by homogenizer. Heat recovery efficiency is reached to 90%, because heating and cooling for material is done during heat recovery stage.

Fully automatic devices
This plant can be controlled by Omron PLC, there is CIP system in the plant.

Semi-automatic devices
The running operation is controlled by semi-automatic devices. The operator can control the pump and reflux function from the controlling screen. The sterilization temperature can be controlled by the automatic temperature. The sterilization temperature can be recorded in the recorder.

Pasteurized milk, long life milk, yoghurt, flavoured milk, fruit juice, tea beverage, wine, ice-cream, soybean milk, milk beverage etc. Heating system of small capacity is electric heating set, it can satisfy with high heating recovery requirement.

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