Product Features

Capacity: Maximum 8000P / H (single input meter brick package, speed and packing specifications related)
Dimensions: 2200 × 1500 × 1900mm (excluding conveyor)
Weight: about 1000KG
Applicable brick package: 250B(62×41×106.3mm)、250S(53×38×131mm)、200S(47×38×119.3mm)
Applicable straw: U type, diameter ф4mm
Packing: 2 6 8 row row row -3 (available with handle)
Equipment Power: 3ф × 380V, 50Hz (voltage fluctuation within ± 5%), about 5.9KW
Air consumption: VN = 500NL/min, 0.5Mpa, connection 3/8 ”
(Note) Please use the dried and fully remove water and oil in the compressed air
Hot Melt Adhesive usage: about 0.5g / box
Sheet basket capacity: no handle about 200 (thickness 3mm time)
About 80 (thickness 3mm time) when the handle
Input and output height: 920 ± 30mm
Environment: below 1000m altitude, temperature 15-30 ℃, humidity 75% RH or less
Other Description:

  1.  The size specimens 3m brick flat pack input conveyor chain, excluding the discharge conveyor
  2. This specification does not contain carton printing device and adhesive tape devices
  3. Test machine sheet provided free of charge by the customer (the number of no less than one meter sizes 1 hour production)
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